NBA 2K: Sign-ups for weekend tournament

Want to compete in the NBA 2k eLeague in the future?

Scouts for the NBA eSports teams are expected to have their eyes set on the ProAM  Tournament hosted by 2K Tournaments this weekend, June 9-11.

A tournament will be held for both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

There is a $65 tournament entry fee but the prize pool is listed to be as much as $1,400 if the bracket features 32 teams for a console.

All games played on the final two days of the event will be streamed on the official 2K Tournament channel. Sign up here to enter.


2 Games Between 6pm-1am est. Scheduled by Famous & 2KT Staff
2 Games Between 6pm-1am est. Scheduled by Famous & 2KT Staff
Championship Match Scheduled by Famous & 2KT Staff

(All events scheduled by Famous Enough and the 2KT Staff)


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James H. Williams

James H. Williams is a journalist and digital sports producer that works for the Southern California News Group. He served as the Editor-In-Chief of his college newspaper in Riverside, Calif.

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