Breaking down the hottest Super Bowl XLVIII topics

My thoughts leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII

Sports Minded

By James H. Williams

The Super Bowl is only a day or two away and there are a few hot topics being discussed leading up to the game over the past week between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

•The Weather

Well it’s unlikely we will see weather during the Super Bowl in New York / New Jersey that will match anything like the snow in Atlanta.

Since the day it was announced that the Super Bowl XLVIII  was going to take place in MetLife Stadium, the weather was the hottest topic.

It would be something different compared to the other big games in Super Bowl history to see snow.

It would be a shame if the final score that determined the winner of the game came down to a player slipping preventing them from catching a touchdown or a defender slipping leaving a player wide open.

What a…

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James H. Williams

James H. Williams is a journalist and digital sports producer that works for the Southern California News Group. He served as the Editor-In-Chief of his college newspaper in Riverside, Calif.

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