Former REV, Angels pitcher Tommy Hanson remembered at RCC memorial

RIVERSIDE >> For those close to former Redlands East Valley and Riverside City College pitcher Tommy Hanson, the memorial held in his honor Saturday was a chance for closure.

More than two months after his passing at age 29, over 200 people gathered around home plate of RCC’s baseball field to pay tribute and share memories about the former Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim player.

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Breaking down the hottest Super Bowl XLVIII topics

My thoughts leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII

Sports Minded

By James H. Williams

The Super Bowl is only a day or two away and there are a few hot topics being discussed leading up to the game over the past week between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

•The Weather

Well it’s unlikely we will see weather during the Super Bowl in New York / New Jersey that will match anything like the snow in Atlanta.

Since the day it was announced that the Super Bowl XLVIII  was going to take place in MetLife Stadium, the weather was the hottest topic.

It would be something different compared to the other big games in Super Bowl history to see snow.

It would be a shame if the final score that determined the winner of the game came down to a player slipping preventing them from catching a touchdown or a defender slipping leaving a player wide open.

What a…

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Former Tigers coach finalist for basketball immortality

Viewpoints Online

By James Williams | Features Editor

Former UNLV men’s basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian has been named as one of 12 finalists for the Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2013.

Tarkanian has found success at nearly every level of coaching in his 43-year career from 1959 to 2002, including his time at Riverside City College.

Tarkanian’s name can still be found on plaques and awards on the RCC campus. One of his former players, John Smith is currently the coach for the men’s basketball team on campus.

“Words cannot express how much coach Tarkanian means to me. I learned how to coach sitting on the bench for him,” Smith said. “He was a father figure to us all and taught us the importance of hard work.”

Tarkanian has the highest winning percentage of any junior college basketball coach because of his success at RCC, from 1961-1966, and Pasadena City College…

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Chino Hills tops emotionally drained Arlington

Chino Hills tops emotionally drained Arlington

My article for the Daily Bulletin on Aug. 30

Breaking news story written by James

Viewpoints Online

By James Williams | Staff Editor

By James Williams | Staff Editor

A flier found on campus by a member of the Viewpoints staff April 1 revealed that Doug Figueroa, president of Associated Students of Riverside City College, is a registered sex offender.

Figueroa, 40, was convicted of kidnapping a child under the age of 14 years old “with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts.”

Figueroa, who was elected as president of Associated Student of RCC during the 2012 spring semester, had informed college administration about his past.

“He told us about this before he was elected to office,” RCC President Cynthia Azari said.

Prior to being elected, Ed Bush, RCC vice president of Student Services, talked with Figueroa to ensure that he would comply with the terms of his probation, according to Azari.

“I also talked with (Figueroa) and there are certain events he cannot attend, like Halloween…

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